Great food fast

Is what we do at our new restaurant & grocery store.  Cactus Jacks brings Gluten Free food to Silver City, New Mexico.  

Going gluten free doesn't mean giving up taste,  in-fact the foods we retail are always at the highest quality and best tasting products that can be found.

We went gluten free ourselves 4 years ago, and had great improvements in health as a side effect.  I invite you and your family to try Cactus Jacks and make healthy eating part of your everyday. 

“Just trying to find a gluten free place is hard but to find one with substance and taste!!”


(575) 538-5042



1307 N Pope St

Silver City, New Mexico



Monday - Friday

9am - 6:00pm


11am - 5pm

“I can’t believe its gluten free!!”
“I can eat PIZZA again!!”